Mr Peck

“With support from the designers, we added some lovely additions such as the heated drawers, Quooker tap, an induction hob with a separate wok burner. I am really delighted with the result and am so happy to entertain and enjoy the space.”
Mr Peck





Having used Creative Interiors previously, Stuart knew that he could trust the showroom to deliver a highly bespoke kitchen to meet his individual needs.  He wanted to combine both style and useability to enhance his space and modernise the appliances whilst updating the overall design and feel of the room.  Stuart knew he wanted to create a modern take on a country style kitchen – he was sure that there were more innovative ways to fully utilise his space and wanted to draw from expertise offered at Creative Interiors.

We visited Stuart following completion of the project to see how the finished space turned out and to chat about how they found their renovation experience, from the initial design consultation through to installation.

Tell us about your house project. Why did you decide to renovate?

Although the kitchen was functional, I just felt that the style and practicality of the space could have been massively improved to fit with my own personal requirements.  After living in the house for eight years I was ready to inject a new style and being some fresh ideas into the kitchen to make it a stylish, accessible space to enjoy for years to come.


What were you looking to achieve with your renovation? What inspiration did you draw from?

Overall, I wanted the space to feel lighter, so I wanted to bring in a fresh colour scheme, but I didn’t want to go for an overly minimalist style. I love country style kitchens, yet the rest of my house is quite modern so wanted an updated, modern take on this theme. Also, I knew that the current space could be utilised so much better – so it was really important that our storage was maximised with clever storage solution that would keep the kitchen organised.


How did you hear about Creative Interiors and why did you choose us for your renovation?

When the Creative Interiors team designed and installed my previous kitchen I was so delighted with the finished product, it was a no-brainer to reapproach the team at Creative Interiors to take on this new, larger project as we loved the entire experience previously, especially the finished product!


What was the planning process like for you?

For me, this was the most enjoyable part of the whole process other than seeing the project quickly come together with an incredible finished result.  The showroom designers really came into their own leading the design process and suggesting interesting storage ideas and ways to integrate a lighter finish, all of which I wouldn’t have considered without their input.  I thoroughly enjoyed selecting from the options the team would suggest. They were innovative and knew exactly what I was looking for, making this experience such an enjoyable one.


Tell us about the renovation process overall. What was the best part of the whole process, and what did you enjoy most during the experience?

Working with the designers was an enjoyable process, they would happily take  ideas on board  and I think we worked so well as a team.  I am really proud of the finished product and even now there is nothing that I would change. Every detail was thought through with practicality and style at the heart of the decisions – it was a pleasure seeing the design take shape.  The kitchen fitters were also excellent and seeing their craftmanship was really reassuring, knowing that they were installing a quality product with expertise and precision.


What aspects of your new kitchen do you like the most? Are there any new features that you didn’t have before?

I love everything!  I would find it difficult to choose just one aspect as the whole kitchen is beautifully styled, of high quality and exactly to my individual requirements.  With support from the designers, we added some lovely additions such as the heated drawers, Quooker tap, an induction hob with a separate wok burner.  I am really delighted with the result and am so happy to entertain and enjoy the space.


Would you recommend Creative Interiors? If so, why?

I would without doubt recommend Creative Interiors.  The design process is so inspiring, you will receive advice and recommendations you wouldn’t even think of yourself, the whole team from design to installation are experts and this for me is priceless.

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