Gather in the kitchen this Christmas

Christmas memories

Allow yourself a moment of festive nostalgia… do you think of cinnamon-spiced mulled wine on the stove? Turkey and all the trimmings? Perhaps the sound of clinking glasses filled with bubbly – popping a bottle open as neighbours have called in for a drink? So many of our treasured traditions and fondest memories of this time of year lead us back to the kitchen.

For many of us, the kitchen is the busiest room of the house all year round. It’s become a room where we relax, work and socialise, as well as where we cook. At Christmas, when food and feasting features heavily in our plans, we spend more time than usual in our kitchens.

Combining style and substance

At Creative Interiors, we think the best kitchens provide the perfect space for friends and family to mingle. They should be the ideal backdrop to everyday family life, and to the festive season.
The design of the room needs to maximise the space that you have, while providing clever storage and combining functionality and style. It’s also probably the place in the house that gets the most wear and tear, so the cabinetry, appliances and finishes should be durable as well as beautiful.

Make your kitchen work for you

If you’re the appointed family chef this year, you’ll already be thinking about logistics – how to cook everything to perfection and keep it hot, whilst somehow warming the plates and assembling the starters. It’s a real juggling act creating a Christmas dinner! A well-designed kitchen can be your best sous chef, helping you to bring it all together and remain cool, calm and collected.

NEFF offer some very slick kitchen gadgetry, like their Slide&Hide oven and Venting Hobs. You can even manage your oven, fridge and dishwasher from the office (or the living room) with their Home Connect appliance automation, so you can keep an eye on how Christmas dinner is cooking without having to leave the sofa.

Quooker boiling water taps are another great gadget to have in the kitchen. They save counter space by eliminating the need for a kettle and are great to have on hand while you’re cooking.

Gather round

Christmas is about celebrating with family and friends, and at parties, everyone gravitates towards the kitchen. It’s the heart of the home, and the place where food and drink is to be found.
Does your kitchen make people feel comfortable? Are there cosy nooks for guests to sit in, or an island unit to lean on whilst you enjoy a round of G&Ts? Is your kitchen somewhere you are proud to show off when entertaining guests, or do you quickly usher them through to another room?

At Creative Interiors, we have fifty years of experience in creating kitchens that people love to spend time in. If you think your kitchen could work harder for you, or be a more welcoming space, visit our showroom to see some of the designs that we offer. Our staff will be more than happy to provide an expert consultation about your dream kitchen, so you can make it a reality in 2020.