Springtime inspiration

Spring 2020 is a spring like no other. It’s certainly one we’ll all remember. But in other ways, spring is the same as ever, with blossom blooming, a whisper of warmth on the breeze and a feeling of renewal and starting afresh.

Many of us have been confined to our homes for what feels like a long time now. Home has never been so important, as it has become the stage for work, rest, school, exercise and all our other daily activities.

Having spent far more time than usual looking at your own four walls, you might be forming plans to renovate a room or two. Spring is often a time when we feel like freshening up a space or starting a new project and this year, we have more time to think about it!

Spring trends to embrace

Colour – it returns to the world in spring, and trends tend to reflect that, with bright and cheerful palettes popping up everywhere. Paint is an easy and affordable way to update your home and a good way to spend a weekend in lockdown. New paint company Lick has a nicely curated selection of on-trend colours and does speedy home delivery, so you can begin your project in no time! Lick’s blog is a good source of inspiration and painting tips too.

Pantone is always a good starting point for colour inspiration. Classic blue – the Pantone colour of the year – is described as Instilling calm, confidence, and connection, this enduring blue hue highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.’ Pantones almost prophetic forecasting skills are spot on for how the year has unfolded so far! Classic blues make us feel grounded and calm and it’s a trend that can be incorporated into any room.

Tranquil spaces – when the world outside is unpredictable and changing quickly, interior trends tend to lean the opposite way, favouring calm, uncluttered spaces. This is certainly true at the moment and Dulux’s colour of the year is aptly named ‘Tranquil Dawn’. Turn your home into a sanctuary – a cosy and relaxing nest you can retreat to, that soothes and quiets the mind. Using a muted palette, natural materials and effective storage solutions helps to create a tranquil feel in your interior scheme.

Biophilic Design – the trend for houseplants really gained traction a few years ago and now most of us have some greenery in our homes. Biophilic Design takes welcoming nature indoors a step further. It focuses on maximising plants and nature, views of nature and natural light, which has been shown to boost wellbeing and focus. It’s something that is relatively simple to bring into your own home, with more plants and letting as much natural light in as possible.

Sources of inspiration

We love the feeling of sitting down with a good cup of coffee (or glass of something cold) and a new magazine. It’s one of life’s little pleasures. Flicking through interiors magazines is a great source of inspiration and provides lots of seasonal ideas to get you feeling more creative. We read Elle Décor, Ideal Home and Period Living, for a diverse range of style inspiration.

The internet is an infinite source of inspiration and ideas for interiors.  Some of our favourite interior-centric blogs are Blogs Mad About the House, the Neptune Journal and Sophie Robinson Interiors. And if you’d rather listen to something while you’re walking the dog or washing up, we love The Great Indoors podcast.

Instagram is another great source of interiors ideas and it’s useful to be able to search by hashtag, for trends you want to explore more. It quickly becomes addictive! We follow @emilywheeler.interiors, @style_by_lucy and @beataheuman for our Instagram interiors fix.