Our top four tips to create cosy interiors this autumn

As the season begins to shift and we see the return of chillier days and darker evenings, we’ll soon be spending more time indoors, so it’s time to think about switching up your interiors to create a cosy, comfy space.

The bedroom is somewhere we escape to, to relax and unwind, and with some simple changes, your sleep space can be transformed into the perfect haven to curl up in this autumn. There are a few ways you can create the perfect calm and cosy interiors, so we’ve put together our top tips to help you transform your space into the perfect oasis for autumn.


Introduce autumnal colours

A few coats of paint can work wonders when it comes to transforming your space and with so many autumn rich colours to choose from, opting for darker colours doesn’t mean your interiors will feel dull or gloomy! It’s a simple but effective way of altering the atmosphere of your bedroom, so select a palette of warm, rich tones to create a cocooning effect. Introducing rich berry tones, deep hues of burnt orange and earthy forest green will envelope your bedroom in warmth and leave you feeling cosy and relaxed.


Choose neutral flooring

Flooring is an important decision when it comes to design, as it needs work for both bright and airy summer interiors and a cosy winter atmosphere. If you’re opting for carpets, we’d recommend choosing a neutral colour, whether it’s grey or beige, as they can be easily paired with light summery accessories as well as darker shades during the autumn and winter months. If you’re a fan of hard wood flooring, you can easily dress it up with different coloured rugs to create a cosy feel in the winter or leave it bare in the warmer months.


Perfect your lighting

Lighting can have a huge impact on your space and with the right lights and bulbs you can drastically alter the atmosphere in your bedroom, so it’s important to consider your fittings and fixtures at the beginning of your design journey.

Dimmer switches are a great way of controlling the light in your space and give the option of creating a subtle glow, perfect for relaxing. It’s also important, especially in the autumn, to opt for bulbs that emit warm, yellow light rather than a stark, white light as they welcome a cosy and relaxed atmosphere. Adding a variety of floor and table lamps is also a great way of creating small hubs of light that will illuminate your space, without being too harsh and disrupting the aura of your bedroom!


Don’t forget the finishing touches

Whether it’s a few plush cushions, a variety of blankets and throws and a beautifully fragrant candle, adding these finishing touches in your space can really help to make it feel calm and cosy. Adding different textures to the space, such as adding velvet curtains or wicker storage baskets, provides a mix of different materials to add some much-needed depth to your sleep space too.


If you’re looking to transform your bedroom into the perfect, relaxing oasis, book an appointment so we can help bring your ideas to life. You can also find more design inspiration by following us on Instagram.