Why you should opt for a bespoke kitchen

The kitchen is often considered to be the heart of the home. It’s so much more than where we eat – it’s also where we entertain friends and spend quality time with family, so it should be a place that is designed to complement your wants and needs, perfectly.

A one size fits all kitchen may seem like the simpler option, but they often fail to provide the sufficient space or features that allow you to go about your day efficiently. A bespoke kitchen, however, gives you endless options, allowing you to create the perfect space designed exactly to your specific needs and preferences.

Here at Creative Interiors, we have over 50 years’ experience transforming homes in Derbyshire and, with the help of our wonderful suppliers, we  create truly bespoke spaces for our customers that are unlike any other. We’ve put together just a few of the reasons why you should opt for a bespoke kitchen for your next renovation!


Make the most of every inch

Bespoke kitchens are not only created to suit your everyday wants and needs, but they will make use of every inch of your space, too. Whether your space is a simple L-shape or U-shape, or a more complex layout, our designers, Tim and Russ, will ensure that your kitchen is created with the measurements and shape at the forefront of the design. This means that even the more complex or unusual spaces will be used to help create a kitchen  that is practical yet stylish, so every inch of your new kitchen will be made use of and will look seamless, too!

Our supplier, Daval Furniture, offers a range of smart solutions to maximise difficult spaces, all made to measure. With a range of different larders and pantries that allows you to store all of your everyday essentials, like your coffee machine, vitamins or morning oats, you can hide it all away behind beautifully designed cabinets, leaving you with a clutter-free space!


Create a space that suits you

Standard kitchens can not only limit your options, but they are often limited when it comes to the aesthetic design, too. Having endless choices of cabinets, drawer designs, colours and finishes allows you to create a space that is perfectly suited to your taste and will be truly unique – and that isn’t something you should have to compromise on! So, whether it’s quartz or marble worktops, brass or stainless steel hardware, wood or coloured finished cabinets, bespoke kitchens offer endless opportunity to style your space exactly how you want it.

Beckermann, another one of our premium kitchen suppliers, has a plethora of bespoke options, with units of any size and 12 finishes, so you can be sure that your kitchen will be different to everyone else!


Guaranteed quality craftsmanship

It should come as no surprise that standardised kitchens don’t often last as long as a bespoke kitchen. A one size fits all kitchen can show signs of use very quickly, making your kitchen feel worn and outdated after just a few years. Our bespoke kitchen suppliers use the highest quality materials and employ the highest quality craftsmen to ensure that every inch of your new kitchen is built to last, so you can be sure that the space you have created will not only look great, but it will stand the test of time, too!


If you’re thinking about getting started on your kitchen renovation journey, pop down to our showroom to have a look at all of the latest product innovations and kitchen designs to see what would work for you. We’ll help you through every step of the project too, from initial inspirations and sketches to final installation.

Book an appointment with us today to create your dream kitchen. You can also find more inspiration in our design gallery or you could follow us on Instagram.