Smart gadgets that will change the way you cook

In 2017, your kitchen will get a whole lot smarter. From telling you when you’ve run out of milk to an oven that cleans itself, the newest gadgets are designed to make your life just that little bit easier.

Here’s a run-down of our favourite products of the moment, available from our Derby showroom:

Elica Aspiration hob

Passionate about cooking but being let down by your old hob? We’re huge fans of the high cooking performance you get with Elica products.

Update your setup to the Nikola Tesla Aspiration hob and cook that steak to perfection. Use the centrally located 10-speed touch control to adjust the hob and aspirating zone to the ideal temperature. The superior induction technology is designed for those recipes that require a specific level of accuracy.

By switching to the Elica hob, you’ll also improve the air quality of your kitchen. Unlike ceiling extractor fans, the air is pulled down into the unit with minimal fuss or noise, ridding your kitchen of fumes and cooking odours. Unless you burn the potatoes… again.

The clean lines and sleek finish that Elica products are known for can enhance the design aesthetic of your kitchen. These cooking systems are extremely easy to keep clean, helping you cut down on time spent on housework, and more time to enjoy those delicious meals.

Quooker boiling water tap

We call Quooker taps an ‘all rounder’ product. With instant boiling water, they make cooking dishes like pasta or vegetables a breeze and their on-trend Scandinavian design helps to enhance the look of a kitchen.

Image result for quooker boiling water tap

The boiling water tap from Quooker is one of our favourites!

You may have considered adding a boiling water tap to your kitchen before, but dismissed them as unsafe. Quooker’s range comes with protective design features as standard: each tap is fitted with a childproof handle and insulated sides so it’s never hot to the touch. We also like that the water flow is a fine spray rather than a solid stream, which helps you avoid any potential splashes.

Quooker’s high-vacuum insulation means that it only costs 3p a day to run so having boiling water on demand won’t break the bank.

With such a stringent approach to safety and money-saving features, it’s no wonder that Quooker taps are one of our most popular kitchen add-ons for family homes.

Self-cleaning Neff oven

This isn’t a dream. You can now spoil the chef in your household with a self-cleaning oven.

Neff may already be familiar to you as the team behind the Bake Off-style ‘slide and hide door’ – ideal for optimising small spaces. Now Neff has rescued us from the most dreaded kitchen task of all. Cleaning the oven.

So how does it work? The signature pyrolytic self-cleaning technology has eliminated the need for chemical cleaning products (or elbow grease). High temperatures blast grease, splatter and spillages into ash in just 1 hour 15 minutes, which can then be wiped away. Job done.

Neff is all about make cooking easier. Every element of product design will help a niggly problem you might have experienced in the kitchen:

  • hot handles – the ComfortFlex Rails allow you safely grip and lift heavy dishes from the oven
  • cooking different dishes – Neff’s signature CircoTherm technology prevents flavours from different dishes mixing with each other
  • visibility – the NeffLight door allows you to see your dishes in progress
  • temperature consistency – the MultiPoint Meat Probe gives you three temperature gauges for precision cooking

It’s these thoughtful touches that prove Neff is a brand that understands modern lifestyles. Forget a sous-chef, you’re sure to find your perfect cooking partner in a Neff appliance.

Have you tried a smart gadget in your kitchen?

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