The end to open plan living?

Once the go-to quick-fix for every interior design makeover, it’s finally time to say goodbye to vast, open-plan living spaces.

Broken plan living is the latest trend in interior design. Rather than a ‘one-room-fits-all approach’, our preference is for separate, defined spaces that each have a purpose. Using partitions, levels and clever furniture choices, you can open up your home to endless options.

Literally ‘putting up walls’ may seem anti-social but studies show that ‘alone time’ allows us to unplug from our busy lives and recharge, making it all the more sweeter when we want to reconnect and spend precious time together.

If you’d like separate spaces for work and play or just want to create your own mini-retreat at home, here are some top tips to embrace broken plan living:

Add levels that work with your lifestyle

At the heart of broken plan living lies independent spaces that have different uses. Bespoke structural elements offer a visual distinction between areas, helping you to divide up rooms without disturbing the flow of your home.

Mezzanine floors are the ideal solution for enhancing eating and living areas. We recommend introducing an area to relax on a higher level, which allows the kitchen to shine as the livelier ‘hub of the home’. Glass divisions help to soften the balance of natural light, while keeping the spaces linked.

Low partition walls are a great option if you want to achieve a degree of separation while keeping spaces linked. Adding them to living areas helps section off home offices and play areas, bringing calm spots to busy lifestyles.

Columns and steps are a designed-focused alternative to dividing areas, offering a focal point as well as a clear distinction between zones. These are perfect if you want your home to look beautiful as well as functional.

If adding structural elements to your home feels too drastic, ease yourself into broken plan living with a clever lighting setup. Use a floor lamp next to a corner bookcase and create your own mini-library or add low level lighting to create a warm glow in cosy nooks.

Use clever contrasts

Broken plan living has a distinctly modern feel, but paired with traditional elements, you can bring a homely vibe to any room. Well-chosen features can also help to give the illusion of space in your home:

  • oak panelling and hardwood flooring works well with textiles to create cosy spaces
  • shaker systems help to keep rooms clutter-free
  • bookcases can double up as discrete partitions and a sleek storage solution
  • inject a touch of elegance with a vintage room divider

We can help you consider the smaller details that have a big impact, such as:

  • wider doorways to encourage a flow between rooms
  • ample space for comfortable seating
  • large counter tops for entertaining


Thinking about adding broken plan living design elements to your home?

Whether you’d like to add a walk-in wardrobe or have the space to indulge in a film while your eldest has his friends over (again), we can help.

We’ll work closely with you to plan the perfect broken plan living solution for your lifestyle – from a cosy nook where you can sink into a novel to a quiet corner of your living room for a stylish home office.

Get in touch or pop into our showroom for a chat with our team of designers.