Everything you need to know about Neff

Everything you need to know about Neff

The kitchen lies at the heart of every home – it’s a place to gather together at the end of a hectic day, try out a new recipe or delve into a novel by the window. When designing your dream kitchen, it’s essential that every detail is just right. The most important feature, of course, is the oven: it’s the secret sous chef behind every Sunday lunch, late night dinner and hearty weekend breakfast.

Neff in a nutshell

Umm-ing and ahh-ing over oven brands? We can help you find your partner-in-crime to a perfectly cooked dish. And while it’s too tricky to name our favourite brands, the name ‘Neff’ is a surefire way to put a smile on the face of every foodie you know. Famous for its uber-modern Great British Bake Off-style sliding door ovens, it’s hard to believe the brand was born in a fairytale-like timbered cottage in rural Germany 140 years ago.

Neff is mainly celebrated for its modern innovations that make cooking a breeze (self-cleaning ovens, anyone?), just ask its legions of lifelong devotees (also known as Neff Cookaholics). In fact, fans are so passionate about the brand, there’s a dedicated Neff cookery book and even a specialist cooking school.

Create. Inspire. Delight.

Inspired by generations of chefs and baking enthusiasts, Neff’s creative innovations help enhance cooking skills and make things easier in the kitchen to make sure your dishes always taste their best.

Succulent, juicy roasts

A show-stopping roast is the centerpiece to any get together. With Neff’s unique Variosteam technology you can add the perfect amount of moisture to your roasts and bakes while they cook. The end result? Dishes that are packed with flavour and never dry.

Perfectly-cooked veg with enhanced flavour

Combining an oven with a steamer, Neff’s Full Steam range helps make delicate flavours pop in healthy dishes. Ideal for veg or fish, the technology works to lock in nutrients and seal juices, leaving you with veggies that are crunchy and colourful and fish dishes that are oh-so moreish.

Say goodbye to the scrubbing brush

Roasts and bakes are delicious, but both the prep and clean-up time may put you off reaching for your apron (or sending off that application to Bake Off). Avoid the dreaded task of cleaning the oven with Neff’s iconic Pyrolytic technology – a clever system that uses heat to blast away dirt and ash, leaving your oven sparkling after just a quick wipe.

What’s new with Neff?

It may seem like the team at Neff have already thought of everything, but as they say themselves ‘just like your favourite recipe, there’s always room to tweak, innovate and perfect’.

Its latest innovation is the Flex Induction Venting Hob and in typical Neff style, it’s packed with clever features designed to cook food to perfection:

  • FlexInduction – the FlexZone lets you place your pots and pans anywhere you want and heats them exactly where they stand
  • TwistPad® Fire is a removable, magnetic, illuminated control knob that gives you precise, convenient control over all cooking zones. And to make things even easier, only the selectable functions are illuminated
  • PowerMove – the FlexZone is divided into three heating zones: boiling in front, simmering in the middle and warming in the rear
  • FryingSensor – the FryingSensor has five selectable temperature settings monitors that sets the temperature and holds it steady so there’s no more burning

Are you in need of a Neff update?

Whether you’re after a complete kitchen overhaul or just looking to upgrade your appliances, we can recommend the Neff range most suited to your lifestyle. Pop into our showroom and let our friendly team talk you through the best option for you.

And to inspire you to get creative in the kitchen once your Neff oven has been installed, we’re giving away a copy of Mary Berry’s bestselling cookbook, ‘Everyday’.

From delicate canapes to overflowing pies (and everything in between), Mary’s book is a kitchen essential. Make the most of Neff’s Great British Bake Off-style sliding doors, channel your inner chef and turn everyday meals into special occasions.

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