Transform your home with next year’s biggest trends

With cooler weather fast approaching, you may be thinking about making your home as comfortable as possible (cue hot cocoa and fluffy slippers). And while a cosy autumnal vibe is a great quick fix, once spring rolls back around, you may be left wishing you’d chosen an effortless, airy scheme that complements every season.

By turning your attention to next year’s trends, you’ll be able to update your home with a forever look that doesn’t feel out of place when the weather changes.

To help you stay ahead of the curve, we’ve scoured our sources and put together a list of trends that everyone will want this time next year. There’s no better time to take the plunge and invest in next year’s trends.

Blue tones

With calming properties and soothing sea-inspired hues, blue is a popular choice for those of us who need a moment to relax at the end of a long day. The combination of black, blue and white was picked out as a popular colour palette at the beginning of the year and interior-obsessives predict that this trend will fly sky-high during 2018. 

Exposed brick

‘Broken plan living’ is the latest buzz among industry experts, meaning exposed brick is set to see a resurgence in popularity. It’s a great way to add a rustic touch to separated spaces and make the most of a much sought-after traditional feature.

Mosaic tiling

Whether you’re revamping the kitchen or treating yourself to a new bathroom, tiles either end up as a forgotten element or a last-minute decision. While we like to think of them as the detail that can make or break a room, we’re pleased that tiles take centre stage as a feature in 2018, with eye-catching mosaic tiling looking to be a huge trend.

Exotic inspiration

When in doubt, look further afield for some home decor inspiration. A quick browse through Pinterest shows how the popularity of Moroccan prints and textures is far from at its peak. Looking to add a dash of vibrant colour to your home? There are whispers that traditional Mexican-inspired prints are the next home must-have.

We can help your personal style shine through in your home

Achieving an all-year-round ambiance in your home couldn’t be easier when you work with our team of designers. Taking inspiration from the latest trends and innovations, they’ll make sure that every detail complements your lifestyle for a bespoke finish that truly reflects your personal style.

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