Future-proof your bathroom with these 4 simple steps

Designing your new bathroom is perhaps the most exciting part of the renovation journey. So, it’s important that you spend a lot of time thinking about how you want your new space to work for you and your family, both now and in years to come.

It’s very easy to get lost in all of the glitz and glamour of décor, but your bathroom should be one that delivers on functionality as well as style, so we’ve put together our top four design tips to help you create a bathroom that will last you a lifetime, while delivering an aesthetic that you’ll love for years to come.


Shower versus bath

The thought of a well-earned soak in the bath after a long week is most definitely our idea of heaven, but if you only have one bathroom suite or space is at a premium, it might not be the most sustainable design decision.

Instead, it might be best to opt for a walk-in shower, with the tray flush to the floor to create a hazard free space that is easy to walk in and out of. This will save you from having to renovate again in the future if stepping over a bath becomes more difficult in years to come. There should be no doubt, though, that walk-in showers can still be luxurious and give us that extra fresh feeling – water fall shower heads add a spa-like feel and elegant glass panels add a sleek style, while also creating the illusion of a bigger space.

Our supplier, Vitra Bathrooms, has a wide range of stylish yet practical walk-in shower designs, and here at Creative Interiors, we can help you decide which one would work the best for you. All you have to do is make an appointment with our design team!


Worktops that withstand wear

Your bathroom surfaces go through a lot! The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the home, so it’s very easy for your bathroom worktops to show their wear if you don’t invest in it.

We’d recommend investing in durable stone surfaces for your bathroom worktops, either marble or granite, to make sure they stay in perfect condition as the years pass. Marble and granite are both extremely hard-wearing surfaces. They are heat and stain resistant, so you wouldn’t need to worry about replacing them after only a few years because of make-up stains, the heat from hair appliances or steam from the shower.

Plus, thanks to their natural nature, granite and marble will make a beautifully opulent style statement in your bathroom thanks to their markings and colouring that makes each piece truly unique. Our supplier, World of Marble, offer a wide range of stone surfaces, including marble, granite, quartz and neolith, so you can choose which surface would be best for you and your space and have it made to fit your exact wants and needs.


Smart and suitable storage  

Nobody likes a cluttered space, especially in the bathroom, so it’s important that storage elements are thought about carefully during the design process. When it comes to storage, you always need more than you might expect, so think beyond a space to store your toothbrush or night cream, and opt for solutions that provide a bit more room than that!

Giving yourself a little extra storage space than you think you need can actually help you in the future. You may not need those extra two drawers now, but it’s best to have that space available than have your products cluttering up surfaces. Preparation and forward thinking is the key to keeping your space clutter-free forever!

Vitra Bathrooms has a range of storage solutions within their collections, including their voyage and memoria ranges, offering stylish and on trend vanity units that have ample space to fit everything you need and more.


Don’t forget the details

While all of those bigger design decisions are being made, it’s also important to consider the smaller features that will complete your space. Why not consider dimmer switches to help create the perfect ambience to help you relax at the end of the day or a shower toilet to help you reap all of its hygienic benefits.

To fully futureproof your space, you can incorporate USB charging points so you can get ready all in one place. Installing under floor heating is also a great way to create a more comfortable space, and mirrors with integrated lighting are also a must, so don’t forget to consider the small details that will make a big difference to your every day usage.

If you’re looking to create the perfect future-proofed bathroom, our expert design team can help! Book an appointment with us today and turn your bathroom into a space you’ll love forever!

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